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Teen Patti Sequence

Teen Patti is a very popular gambling game in India and other countries just like as a poker game. We will share the Teen Patti Sequence in this article. This game consists of 52 cards and 5 to 6 persons can easily play this game in one table without jokers. Every player distributed by three cards. but it’s necessary to decide the boot amount of game from each player and then cards can distribute to each player. The adviser which collected the boot amount is not enough, rather it’s a little amount and after starting a game every player on the table can boot or packed the game.

Teen Patti Sequence

Teen Patti Sequence

Every table having limited boot amount means each player can be booted but not boot above the limit. In last when the limit of boot amount end then cards will show and winner of this game can be announced which have greater cards from others. Otherwise, the winner of this game can be played again on the same table or can leave before starting the game.

Before picking the cards, its depends upon each player which may be required to put up a bet into the pot.in last the winner gets the pot. This game having some rules just like this game arranged the player on table depends upon its relative ranking. So, this process is called cut-for-seat. After the opening hand, the winner of the game will become the dealer for the next hand.

Otherwise, some players played this game by seeing cards or by the blind. But both of player can ask the other player to show your cards if he can if the other player shows her cards so greater cards player will be packed the others. During the game, we can also increase the bet by seeing or by playing blind.

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