Teen Patti Rule

The first step in learning how to play Teen Patti is, of course, to publicize yourself with the Teen Patti Rules. You have to follow teen Patti rules otherwise your account would be suspended. Accepting the rules of basic poker or teen Patti is very valuable, and it will give you assurances an easy learning bow for long time players. Teen Patti has also followed the basic line of card play as normal poker game has, which are consists of selling, gambling, and conflict. Teen Patti Rules are therefore very easy to track and it is very easy to acquire even for fresh poker players. It’s good to recall that the core difference between teen Patti and porker is that when you playing this poker game the way the hands are formed is very different to other poker game and also how the betting works on this game as compared to other and also what happens at the showdown of game.

Teen Patti Rule
Teen Patti Rule

Teen Patti Rules

The game is started by creating the pot and you can also increase the pot limit. From this means you agreed on the prize from each player after you follow Teen Patti Rules. Then pot forms the minimum bet that will be used after every round. The dealer is chosen casually, and the next step for the player is to deal three cards to each player of the game, as usual, the direction of the game is running counter-clockwise. All cards are dispensed face down and players cannot look at three cards. After the cards are dispensed to the player, then it left on the player that how he deals with the first bet. If the player does not want to place a bet on pot he can fold the game, and this also means losing all chips that you have already placed in the pot will be lost.

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