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Online Teen Patti Game

Teen patti is one of the most played Online cards game in India and all over the world .this game is Known as pale or spark, 3 patti is a very aggressive game where player have the best card mixture that wins the pot. This game begins in India, the rules of 3 Patti are very simple as to other card games.

You can win real cash while playing 3 patti online on real gaming websites. The popularity of this is increasing day by day Due to the increasing popularity of 3 Patti game developers have to introduce several gaming platforms to the players that gives great opportunity to play this extremely pleasurable game and win big cash rewards.

Online Teen Patti Game

Online Teen Patti Game

How to play Teen Patti Game Online?

3 patti has a deck of 52 cards that can be played with 3 to 7 players at the same time. Like poker, the dealer offers three cards that face down anti-clockwise to all players that are playing on the game table. The dealer is the player at the switch accidentally selected at the start of first game. Typically, winner of a  first hand becomes the dealer of the upcoming hand. Betting begins from low to high, the player sitting instant left to the dealer after card sharing and then players need to proceed on their spin as per the power of their cards. There is no limit in betting rounds of the game. The players who plays till the end (not more than two) call for to illustrate their cards and the player best cards will win pot. If everyone packs except one last player, the betting ends and the last player win the pot.

Boot Amount (Minimum Bet):

A player needs to choose and set boot amount limit in the pot at the middle of the table before the betting round starts. It is the minimum bet every player must add to the pot in the starting of the game.

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