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3 Patti

3 Patti often also called Teen Pathi, it is an Indian poker game that is very popular all around Asia and all other continents, and sometimes it is even called blush. The game contains simplified rules from a normal poker game, but it also uses the same 52 card deck like other poker games do and also follows the general flow of the game in much the same way as other poker games do.

3 Patti

3 Patti

The main difference between 3 Patti and poker games was his name and the name translates to, it also uses three cards and the method the wagering works. The game starts with betting rounds with limited pot amount and the player which has the best three card hand wins at the end game of the game. The game provides density and showbiz way that’s beyond his simplicity and popularity, and this is very popular and famous in Asia and all over the world for a very good reason.

3 Patti Cards

Theirs is another difference between 3 Patti and other poker games is that other games have normal five card poker for the betting takings. If a player wants to look at his opponent cards then he will have to pay twice the amount of chips to see his cards, but will of the pot still remain in play. This process makes the whole wagering and scamming game different to other, as you have to pay double chips for looking at your opponent cards. The game is very fast to play and depend heavily on betting as a gameplay tactic starts. Although the game 3 Patti was initially commonly popular in Asia it has grown a grip with the worldwide audience with the growth of the online poker games. These days you should be able to play 3 Patti online at any poker game. The game is usually played with 3 to 6 players every time.

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